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Prayer for South Africa

“Father God, please forgive us for watering down your holy Word, the Bible, for compromising its standards to suit ourselves.

“Father God, forgive us for not commencing Parliament each morning with Holy Scripture and prayer before discussing the matters of the ruling of this nation.

“Father God, please forgive us for so often apologizing to the world that we are Christians and for what we believe in and for what we stand for.

“Father God, give us courage to speak out in public about the blatant corruption, lies and stealing taking place in this nation, starting in government and filtering right down to the man in the street. We love You, Lord, but we obviously don’t fear You, Father forgive us.

“God of mercy, we are so very sorry for turning a blind eye to the systematic and deliberate murder of tens of thousands of unborn babies in South Africa, precious little souls that have never even seen the light of day, Father forgive us.

“Please Lord Jesus, forgive us for condoning same-sex marriages and then calling it an alternative lifestyle, knowing full well that it is contrary to your word, Father forgive us.

“Father God, forgive us for provoking our young students to wrath, causing them, out of sheer frustration, to burn down their own universities, because of the lies and false promises that have been made to them by the authorities. Reassure them today, Lord, that You have heard their cries and will show them a better way.

“Lord Jesus, forgive us for not respecting our elders, our old people, for not seeking their counsel, for not loving them and looking after them in their old age, Father forgive us.

“Father, forgive us for allowing morality to get totally out of hand, like a runaway bushfire, for allowing our young children to have access to pornography at will, to accept fornication.

“Lord we are very sorry for not protecting our women, our small children; for not being good fathers, please forgive us.

“Father, forgive us for not calling sin by its name.

“Lord Jesus we do not have the right words to adequately express our sadness for the racial hatred between black and white in this beautiful country of ours, please forgive us.

“Forgive us for having total disregard for the value of human life.

“Thank You Lord for our police force and for our justice system; Holy Spirit impress upon them that this book (the Bible) will give justice and wisdom like no country on earth has ever seen before, in Jesus name. Amen!”


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